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The River Train...

Our destination is now the little hamlet of Riegelsville NJ, situated right on the Delaware River.  The train will pull in to our beautifully restored train station. Riegelsville PA is just across the river and is joined by the famous Roebling wire rope bridge constructed in 1904. The train leaves Phillipsburg at 10:00 am, 12:00 noon, 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm for a 2 hour round trip. Once in Riegelsville you may detrain and explore the area, and take any train back. There are two local taverns. Hootz Bar and Grille right next to our station and The Riegelsville Inn just across the Roebling bridge in PA ( 200 feet away). We strongly suggest letting the restaurant know what time the train will be leaving so you dont miss your train.

Enjoy our many activities along the line. The Gem Stone Mine is open May to October ( The Mine Train). This is only a $8.00 add on to your regular train ticket. In late August come play the game where getting lost is half the fun, ride the Corn Maze train. 

The River

The Delaware River, which originates in New York state, runs along the Pennsylvania-New York, New Jersey-Pennsylvania, and New Jersey-Delaware borders on its way to the Atlantic ocean. It's one of the major rivers in the eastern United States, and also one of the cleanest, environmentally. Beautiful little towns, scenic wild areas, and major cities like Philadelphia dot its banks. There are many ways to enjoy and explore the Delaware River, including many annual events that span the full calendar year and a range of interests and activities.

The Bridge

Traffic across the Delaware River at Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, was handled by Wendel and Anthony Shenk's oar powered ferries until December 15, 1837, when a three-span woodenwas opened to horse, wagon, and pedestrian use. The Pennsylvania and New Jersey legislatures had approved the formation of the private Riegelsville Delaware Bridge Corporation in 1835 and the company engaged Soon Chapin and James Madison Porter of Easton, Pennsylvania as the contractors. A major flood struck the Delaware Valley on January 8, 1841, just three years after the bridge opened, and the span nearest the Jersey shore was destroyed. The bridge was repaired and survived another flood in June 1862.

The "Pumpkin Flood" occurred on October 10, 1903, and the Delaware waters rose to 33.8 feet (10.3 m) above normal. The two spans nearest to New Jersey were quickly swept down the river. The third section collapsed soon after.Thewire rope and engineering firm of John A. Roebling's Sons Co., based in Trenton, New Jersey, were soon commissioned and replaced the covered bridge with a cable suspension bridge. This new bridge incorporated the original piers which were repaired and raised several feet, allowing it to survive major damage from the flood of 1936 and to come through a 1955 deluge relatively unscathed. Together, the three spans are 585 feet (178 m) in length and the final cost of construction was $30,000. It opened on April 18, 1904.

The Train

Our train cars originally came from the Long Island Railroad dating from the 1950's and have been lovingly restored by our volunteers.

Steam locomotive #142

No. 142 was built in the Peoples Republic of China in 1989 by the TangShan Locomotive Works. Until 2000, TangShan was the last place in the world that made production steam engines. The locomotive resembles trains from an era long ago. The engine, with tender, weighs approximately 154 tons, including 13 tons of coal and 6,600 gallons of water. The engine is hand-fired, which means someone has to shovel coal into the firebox to keep the fire hot enough to make steam. No. 142 is 14'6" high, 10'8" wide, and with tender, 75'3" long

Schedule For Additional Activities

If you wish to experience the The Susquehanna Mine and or use the Picnic grove there, this is only available on the 10:00 am and 12:00 noon and 2:00 PM trips. The train back to Phillipsburg will drop you off at The Susquehanna Mining Company ( the next stop on the way home) and you will be picked up by the next North Bound train, in one hour and fifty minutes. if you choose to de-train in Riegelsville to visit the Inn or Tavern please keep in mind the train arrives in Riegelsville at 12:35 pm, 2:35 pm and 4:35 pm. Keep in mind, the Mine Adventure is one hour and fifty minutes in duration. To visit the mine you must be North Bound train at 12:35pm , or 2:35 pm. This is only important to note should you de-train in Riegelsville.



Other events along your journey...

For an additional fee ( only $8.00) add the The Susquehanna Mine to your adventure. Learn the amusing and trajic history of the mine and pan for gem stones you can take home! From late August to the end of October play the game where getting lost is half the fun! Come explore the Corn Maze. This is also only a $5.00 add on when purchasing tickets.

The River Train

A beautiful ride along the Delaware River.

Event Date

 May 4th to October 27th

Event Time

10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm

Event Location

Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Event Cost

$14.00 Child and $20.00 Adult

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Susquehanna Mining Company

The Susquehanna Mining Company

While riding the River Train, stop at the Susquehanna Mining company for a 1.5 hour adventure and tour. Pan for Gem Stones you can take home!

Local Attractions...

Hootz Tavern is directly next to our Riegelsville Station at the Southern most end of your trip. Light fare, fresh burgers and fries as well as drinks with a view of the Delaware River. A nice Tavern to spend a few hours relaxing while you wait for your return trip.

12 river rd , Phillipsburg, NJ, United States, 08865
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The Riegelsville Inn is located in its original stone structure featuring an updated bright yellow facade, canal-side al fresco dining, and second-floor balcony dining with Delaware River views, the Riegelsville Inn is the epitome of exemplary dining in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The menu at the Riegelsville showcases superior American cuisine influenced by classic French technique featuring uniquely paired ingredients always prepared from scratch. The Riegelsville Inn was built in 1838 by Benjamin Riegel, founder of the town. The historic building stands on the banks of the beautiful Delaware River across from the famous Roebling Bridge in the quaint town of Riegelsville, Pennsylvania. The restaurant is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, features a weekend brunch with Beth’s Famous Bloody Mary and offers a variety of seating options to choose from. Indoors, guests may dine in the casual elegance created by stone walls and wooden beams in the dining rooms or enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the tin-ceilinged Pub. Outside, the Inn boasts both front- and side-porch seating options, canal-side dining behind the building and an open-air balcony on the second floor overlooking the Delaware River.

 10-12 Delaware Road 

 Riegelsville, PA 18077