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The Operations Department

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The Operations Department

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The operations department covers all personnel involved in the movement and operation of trains. Our program , administered by our partners, The Black River and Western Railroad is a fully qualified federally regulated program of railroad operation.  Although quite a bit of training is involved it is easy to jump right in. You can start as a car host, which is an entry level position with minimal training. From Car Host you can advance to Trainmen, then Conductor and or Fireman. Some decide they would like to work on the locomotive and eventually become an engineer, others enjoy the interaction with the passengers and opt for Conductor. Either way, there is something for everyone.  Training  classes are held every year and we are available to help you all through the advancement process.


The operations  department  is directed by General Manager  Chris Cotty and the training and regulation is handled by the railroads DSLE ( supervisors of locomotive engineers) and and  Trainmasters.