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The Steam Program

"Learn everything there is to learn about the maintainence and operation of a steam locomotive"


The smoke and the fire and the speed, the action and the sound, and everything that goes together, (the steam engine) is the most beautiful machine that we ever made, there's just nothing like it.

O. Winston Link

The Steam Program

Get involved today!

The NYSWTHS is always looking for more people to get involved. We have an active steam program which will teach you from the ground up what you need to know. During the year we have classes on everything from railroad rules training to locomotive maintenance.

#142 runs every weekend from Memorial Day until the end of October on the Belvidere & Delaware railroad where we operate the line in partnership with the Black River & Western Railroad.

If you are not afraid of getting dirty, want to be involved with one of the very few active steam programs in the US, and want to bring an inanimate piece of steel to life, simply click here and send us a note and Dave will get in touch with you!


The steam program is directed by Chief Mechanical Officer Gary Matthews. Gary has many years of experience in steam locomotive repair and operation and is always eager to work closely with members of the steam program.