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Please read this BEFORE ordering your tickets, as it will help you to understand what to order and what will happen once you do. Whatever you do, DO NOT hit the send key twice (double click), or it will duplicate your order and charge your account twice. There are also some things you need to be aware of before you ride - Steam and diesel engines are noisy - they spit steam, the whistle/horn is loud, so if loud noises bother you or scare your child, be aware or discuss this with your child. Steam engines are dirty - this is unavoidable. While we strive to keep our cars clean, coal dust gets everywhere. Our advice is to wear older clothes, and avoid wearing whites. We have the right to substitute motive power. Ticket Refund and Exchange Policy Regular Season - Normally, if a ticket problem presents itself, our policy is to exchange your tickets for a future date. Under unusual circumstances, we will refund your ticket price. Our liability is limited to the price of the tickets ordered, through exchange or refund only. If a refund is granted, it is subject to a $10 return fee to cover our credit costs. POLAR EXPRESS, EASTER and DAY OUT WITH THOMAS - THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON TICKETS, SO PLEASE DON'T ASK. Due to the overwhelming volume of orders we cannot accommodate any changes once your order has been approved, so please make sure you and your friends/family can make the date and time you choose BEFORE you order.

Q. How long is the ride and where does it go?

A. The ride is round trip and takes about 75 to 90 minutes, and travels south along the old Pennsylvania Railroad Scranton to Trenton route along the Delaware River for about 8 miles. We are working constantly to lengthen the ride, and hope to reach Riegelsville next year.

Q. How early should I arrive?

A. At least 30 minutes.

Q. Refunds.

A. All trips are non-refundable.  In the event of a cancellation an alternate date will be offered. 

Q. State of Emergency, Snow etc.

A. In the event of a State declaration of emergency, check with the railroad before traveling to our location. In the event that the government disallows the railroad operation, alternate dates will be offered. We will work with you to reschedule your group to another date. Access support  here: https://877trainride.com/support.htm

Q. What is the age group for Children's tickets?

A. Children are from 3 to 12, under 3 on your lap rides for only $1.00 (free during regular steam trips), but if you plan to have your child in a carrier and they take up a seat, please buy them a ticket.

Q. I ordered tickets online, when do I receive my tickets?

A. We do not mail tickets (except for Day Out With Thomas), you take the confirmation email with your order number to the ticket booth, and the ticket agent will give you your tickets. This also applies to any will call pickups for Day Out With Thomas

Q. I did not see/receive a confirmation page with an order number, or I got one but then it said my card was denied, what do I do? A. Not receiving a confirmation page with an order number means your order did not go thru, or if you got an order number but then the credit card company did not approve your order for some reason you will get an ORDER DENIED notice. Your order was automatically canceled (This is usually due to a typo or incomplete information). Make sure all your information is correct and try again. WARNING - if you try 3 times and you still get a denied message, stop trying to order or it may cause you problems later. There is something wrong with what you are doing and you need to check with your bank or credit card company to verify the information you are entering matches what they have.

Q. I have a ticket problem - I ordered too many, the wrong day, couldn't make it, etc. How do I fix this?

A. Email our treasurer at les@nyswths.org and explain your problem, and he will fix it for you or tell you what to do next.

 Q. Are there bathrooms on the train?

A. We have Port-A-Johns in the station and at the mine, and bathrooms on the train. Be aware there is NO running water. We have wipes and sanitizers in the bathrooms on the train available for your use.

Q. I have someone in a wheelchair, will they be able to ride?

A. We are not set up to accommodate wheelchairs. If the person can stand and walk up 4 steep stairs, or is a child, we can lift them up into the car. We have one car that is wheelchair friendly, but no ramp to get them on board. There is also a steep hill to get from the ticket booth to the train, but we do have a golf cart that can assist those who need help on the hill, just alert the ticket agent or conductor and they will take care of you.

Q. I would like to have a special occasion/class trip/Scout Troop on the train, are group rates available?

A. In most cases yes they are, email our group sales department at groupsales@nyswths.org. Be advised, there are no discounts available for any Polar Express tickets.

Q. What is the Winery Train?

A. The Wine train is a Warren County Tourism Award winning joint venture with Villa MIllagro. We have a special car reserved for you. You get on the train at the station, ride to the end of the line, where a bus meets you and takes you 2 miles to the vineyard. There the wine masters take you on a tour of the winery, the vineyards, explain winemaking and give you a complimentary wine glass and a variety of wines to taste. You then take the bus back to the train, and ride back to the station This will take you 3 hours total. You may also bring a picnic lunch to eat at the Winery, at the Ol' Susquehanna Mine picnic grove, or at Lehigh Station. Feel free to get off at the mine and picnic if you wish.

Q. What is the ol' Susquehanna Mine?

A. New in 2011 is the original Mine Shaft that explodes at the ol' Susquehanna Mine, where you can learn about mining operations in the old days, and actually use our sluice to find gems, fossils, stones and arrowheads when you 'pan for gold' You'll hear the story of Sylas Smith and his long hidden mine and learn to identify the different kinds of rocks and gems.

Q. What is the corn maze?

A. The corn maze is a 10 acre field adjacent to the mine where corn is planted then cut to create various paths to walk through, finding checkpoints along the way. We divide the maze into 2 parts, a shorter, easier one and a longer, harder one. We have a special number to call if you get lost, and have a maze 'expert' there to guide you.